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Vosoritide in achondroplasia: a profile of its use

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posted on 2022-09-13, 23:55 authored by Young-A Heo



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Subcutaneous vosoritide (Voxzogo®), a modified recombinant human C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) analogue, is the first precision therapy approved for the treatment of achondroplasia in the EU, USA and multiple other countries. It is indicated for patients aged ≥ 2 years with open epiphyses in the EU and those aged ≥ 5 years with open epiphyses in the USA. In a phase 3 trial (study 111-301), vosoritide 15 μg/kg/day significantly improved annualized growth velocity and height Z-score compared with placebo, without worsening upper-to-lower body segment ratio in children with achondroplasia. The growth-promoting effects of vosoritide persisted with continued treatment for up to 60 months. Vosoritide is generally well tolerated, with most adverse events being mild in severity. Longer-term safety data revealed no new safety signals.


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