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Eftrenonacog Alfa: A Review in Haemophilia B

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posted on 2023-04-17, 20:00 authored by Yvette N. Lamb, Sheridan M. Hoy


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Authorship and Conflict of interest Yvette N. Lamb and Sheridan M. Hoy are salaried employees of Adis International Ltd/Springer Nature, and declare no relevant conflicts of interest. All authors contributed to the review and are responsible for the article content.

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Eftrenonacog alfa (Alprolix® ) is an extended half-life recombinant factor IX (rFIX)-Fc fusion protein (hereafter referred to as rFIXFc). Administered as an intravenous bolus, it is approved for prophylactic use and the treatment of bleeding in patients with haemophilia B in various countries worldwide, including those of the EU, as well as the USA. In multinational, phase III trials, rFIXFc was effective for the prophylaxis, perioperative management or on-demand treatment of bleeding in male patients with severe haemophilia B regardless of age and irrespective of whether or not they had been previously treated with FIX replacement products. Prophylactic efficacy was maintained over the longer term (up to 5 years) in previously treated patients. rFIXFc effectiveness in the real-world setting is supported by results of prospective studies, as well as the outcomes of several retrospective trials. rFIXFc was well tolerated in clinical trials in previously treated and untreated children adolescents and/or adults with severe haemophilia B. Thus, rFIXFc continues to represent a useful treatment option among the haemophilia B patient population.

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