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Real World Evidence for Oritavancin Use in Gram-Positive Infections

posted on 2020-07-02, 08:34 authored by Mark Redell, Sandy Estrada, Thomas P. Lodise, Glenn S Tillotson, Dino Delaportas, Lauren E. Brownell, Meagan L. Adamsick, Erin K. McCreary, Joshua P. Vanderloo, Erika J. Ernst, Emily R. Jackson, Lucas T. Schulz, Brittany Helton, Ashley MacWhinnie, Sarah Brooks Minor, Kelly D. Rafferty, Steven L. Allison, Cristen Whittaker, Ethan Nhan, Joseph Reilly, Warren E. Rose, Paul R. Hutson, Nicholas W. Van Hise, Vishnu Chundi, Vishal Didwania, Michael Anderson, David McKinsey, Ingrid Roig, Akhilesh Sharma, Russell M. Petrak, Patrick J. Scoble

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These articles are part of a supplement to Drugs – Real World Outcomes titled “Real World Evidence for Oritavancin Use in Gram-Positive Infections” wholly funded by Melinta Therapeutics. You can find the supplement here.

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