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Platelet Reactivity and Coagulation Markers in Patients With COVID-19

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posted on 2021-06-02, 11:49 authored by Adis journals on behalf of:, Adriadne J. Bertolin, Talia F. Dalçóquio, Rocío Salsoso, Remo H. de M. Furtado, Roberto Kalil-Filho, Ludhmila A. Hajjar, Rinaldo F. Siciliano, Esper G. Kallás, Luciano M. Baracioli, Felipe G. Lima, Roberto R. Giraldez, Cyrillo Cavalheiro-Filho, Alexandra Vieira, Célia M. C. Strunz, Robert P. Giugliano, Udaya S. Tantry, Paul A. Gurbel, José C. Nicolau

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