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Insulin Induced Skin Lipohypertophy in Type 2 Diabetes: A Multicenter Regional Survey in Southern Italy

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posted on 2020-07-16, 09:21 authored by Sandro Gentile, Giuseppina Guarino, Teresa Della Corte, Giampiero Marino, Alessandra Fusco, Gerardo Corigliano, Sara Colarusso, Marco Piscopo, Marco Corigliano, Emilia Martedi, Domenica Oliva, Viviana Russo, Rosa Simonetti, Ersilia Satta, Carmine Romano, Carmelo Alfarone, Antonio Vetrano, Carmine Martino, Clelia Lamberti, Agostino Vecchiato, Giuseppe Cozzolino, Clementina Brancario, Felice Strollo, AMD-OSDI Study Group on Injection Techniques, Nefrocenter Research & Nyx Start-up Study Group

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